Text Message Marketing for Political Fundraising

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Political Campaigns and SMS Fundraising

Political SMS Marketing StrategyText message based political campaign fundraising is predicted to be nothing short of a complete game-changer for politics across Nevada and America. The FEC’s recent decision to allow donations via text message has Democrats, Republicans, and every political party on the map, bursting at the seams with anticipation, excitement, and tension.

The fact of the matter is, while text message donations could be incredibly powerful, if used correctly. It’s that “if” that is causing the tension. In the coming months, those who are able to successfully incorporate a well-designed text message donation system into their campaign with thrive, while those who fail to do so will have a tough time just surviving.

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Text Message Fundraising – How Does it Work?

Currently, the maximum donation that can be sent via text is $50. What does this mean? Well, for some it is good news, for others it is not so good.

Text Message Fundraising – the Good News

The good news is that text message fundraising gives an advantage to those who are able to reach a large audience. The power of SMS fundraising is the same as the power of sites such as www.Kickstarter.com that leverage the power of a multitude of small donors rather than a handful of wealthy ones.

Text Message Fundraising – the Not So Good News

For those whose campaigns have relied on wealthy donors, text message fundraising offers stiff competition. Most likely, these groups will have to reorient their strategies and spend more time focusing on the common man and woman in order to make the most of their text fundraising efforts.

Text Message Fundraising – Raising Funds in Real Time

Another factor leading to the strange mix of fear and excitement that political campaign managers feel when they consider text message fundraising is how dynamic it is.

An SMS keyword for mobile donations can be incorporated into any and all existing marketing and media. Television commercials, print media, radio, etc. All of these mediums can now act in a dual role – their traditional one, and as host to a text message fundraising invitation.

Because of the increased flow of information and currency, text message marketing has the ability to make every race move at breakneck speed.  Take a look at our Tatango Review to learn more about sms marketing.

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The Mobility of Donations with Mobile Text Fundraising

Now that donors can send their money wherever they are (since wherever they are is inevitably also the location of their cell phone) mobile fundraising is always powerful.

No matter the time of day or the location of voters, they can always pull out their phones and donate. Combine that with the proven effectiveness of text message and mobile marketing in other arenas of fundraising and commercial marketing, and text message fundraising for political campaigns promises to be a deciding factor in any political battle for the foreseeable future.



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Joe Fisher December 26, 2012 at 10:00 am

Politicians have made sure that they can raise money with text message marketing. They even passed a new law just for political fundraising with sms marketing that makes it easy for them to basically bulk blast almost anyone for political gain.