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by Michael Armstrong

TatangoWhile researching for this Tatango Review, one of the most prominent examples of the company’s excellence in text message marketing is them having been selected by the Common Short Code Administration as one of the top sms application providers in the United States.

High praise and in the world of SMS marketing, this Tatango Review found them to be very must deserved as the service and features provided by Tatango are top notch.

Being an industry leader in the text message marketing, Tatango has made a name for itself, and now has been recognized for their excellence. Tatango has best in class customer services, ease of service and a team of dedicated professional, Tatango has made a solid reputation for itself in the SMS marketing industry.

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Tatango Features            

This Tatango review found that Tatango has built a very well rounded and comprehensive range of services.   Any company that wants a marketing campaign that takes advantage of the power of text message marketing can benefit from all of Tatango’s services.

Because of the well priced SMS services, customers are able to launch more text messaging campaigns and increase their SMS marketing exposure with all of the services offered by Tatango. Some of the services that Tatango offers are:

  • Subscriber ManagementTatango SMS Marketing Reviews
  • SMS Delivery Reports
  • Campaign Management
  • SMS Auto-responders
  • Short Code Messaging
  • SMS Contest
  • Social Sharing
  • SMS Polls
  • SMS Broadcasts
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Advanced Features
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
  • Unlimited SMS Keywords

Tatango Review Finds Exclusive Features

Because Tatango is a market leader, they have been able to augment their services with additional features that are incredible for the industry. Their introduction of unlimited service in Text Messaging, SMS Content and SMS auto responders are unique and excellent features that any company would benefit from. Some of these opportunities are:

  • Unlimited Keywordstatango review video
  • Unlimited SMS Auto responders
  • Unlimited SMS Polls
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
  • Unlimited SMS Contests
  • Unlimited SMS Broadcasts
  • Short Code Messaging

What’s more, there are no hidden costs associated with Tatango’s text messaging platform, nor are there any sign up fees. Once a client signs up for their 7 day free trial, Tatango believes that its services alone are enough to get a customer to stay with them. In the opinion of more than one Tatango Review, this is definitely the case.

Who Can Benefit from This Award Winning SMS Marketing Service?

Every business has the fundamental task of getting more customers and getting their message out to the customers. Regardless of the industry, text message marketing can be a very useful tool for businesses to spread the word. Examples of industries that are already using Tatango for their marketing campaigns are in the following fields:

  • Stores, Shops and Retail
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Franchisers and Franchisees
  • Restaurants and Bar / Club
  • Non-Profits and Religious Organizations
  • Professional Services Companies
  • Promoter and other entertainment business professionals
  • Small Business

Tatango also offers an outstanding offer of a free seven day trial, with no credit card required to sign up. Tatango has been recognized as an industry leader this free offer gives clients the opportunity to try their sms marketing software and see how text message marketing can deliver results before you’re ever asked to buy anything.


The Next Step  

Text message marketing is the next step in reaching customers everywhere and a client can take advantage of Tatango’s free seven day trial to find out just how powerful an SMS marketing software platform can be. With no credit card required by a nationally recognized provider of short code, this Tatango review highly recommends any business to sign up today.

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