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by Michael Armstrong

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Take your Golf Course Marketing Plan Mobile with SMS Marketing

In 2010, 140 golf courses closed in the United States. It’s been a rough time for many types of businesses due to the economy, but golf courses have been hit especially hard. These days, many people just don’t have the time and money to take a few hours out of their day to play golf. 

If you want your golf course to avoid the effects of a bad economic climate, you’ll need a niche marketing strategy that will highlight the strengths of your facility. One of the best ways to do this is with a golf course marketing plan.

Why Your Golf Course Needs a Mobile Website

Thirty percent of mobile phone owners use their phones to access the Internet. These days, people just don’t want to drag around their laptops everywhere they go. They’re cumbersome, need to be plugged in all the time and aren’t nearly as stylish. If you get your golf course a mobile website, it will make it easier for golfers with stylish phones easier to find your place.  Country club marketing is also going mobile.

On your golf course’s website, you can put on video tours for potential duffers who want to check out the grounds before teeing off. You can also show off the clubhouse and the pro shop during this video showcase. Backward walking tour guide optional, but fun and recommended.

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golf course textingBulk SMS Marketing Strategies for Golf

If your golf course was especially hit hard by the economy, then a mobile website may not be the best idea to implement right now. However, mobile text marketing, even if done on a smaller scale, is possible on almost all budgets.

You can get the help of text message marketing companies such as Tatango and Trumpia and their sms marketing software in order to get started.
How can your golf course use mobile text marketing? You can use mobile sms marketing to spread the word about specials your golf course is having. Even though many golfers are shrinking away from the price tag on a day of golf, they may be tempted to do so if it costs just a bit less. Lighter wallets mean happy customers. Happy customers could mean repeat customers!

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Golf Courses

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Golf Apps are Here to Stay

If your golf course sms marketing budget is a bit more lenient, think about having an app developed. You can have apps serve different purposes for your mobile text marketing plan. For example, you can have people use your course’s app to find out if there are any open tee times or even last minute cancellations. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)  Apps are just one of the many ways that mobile text marketing can make it easier for your local area’s duffers to find their new favorite golf course!

Golf course sms marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool in an industry that’s been adversely affected by these economic times. If you don’t want your area’s local duffers to give up golf for economic Lent, use golf course sms marketing strategies to lure them back to the fold.



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