SMS marketing company

TatangoWhile researching for this Tatango Review, one of the most prominent examples of the company’s excellence in text message marketing is them having been selected by the Common Short Code Administration as one of the top sms application providers in the United States.

High praise and in the world of SMS marketing, this Tatango Review found them to be very must deserved as the service and features provided by Tatango are top notch.

Being an industry leader in the text message marketing, Tatango has made a name for itself, and now has been recognized for their excellence. Tatango has best in class customer services, ease of service and a team of dedicated professional, Tatango has made a solid reputation for itself in the SMS marketing industry. Continue Reading


Political Campaigns and SMS Fundraising

Political SMS Marketing StrategyText message based political campaign fundraising is predicted to be nothing short of a complete game-changer for politics across Nevada and America. The FEC’s recent decision to allow donations via text message has Democrats, Republicans, and every political party on the map, bursting at the seams with anticipation, excitement, and tension.

The fact of the matter is, while text message donations could be incredibly powerful, if used correctly. It’s that “if” that is causing the tension. In the coming months, those who are able to successfully incorporate a well-designed text message donation system into their campaign with thrive, while those who fail to do so will have a tough time just surviving. Continue Reading

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