SMS marketing

TatangoWhile researching for this Tatango Review, one of the most prominent examples of the company’s excellence in text message marketing is them having been selected by the Common Short Code Administration as one of the top sms application providers in the United States.

High praise and in the world of SMS marketing, this Tatango Review found them to be very must deserved as the service and features provided by Tatango are top notch.

Being an industry leader in the text message marketing, Tatango has made a name for itself, and now has been recognized for their excellence. Tatango has best in class customer services, ease of service and a team of dedicated professional, Tatango has made a solid reputation for itself in the SMS marketing industry. Continue Reading


Restaurant Mobile Coupons

Restaurant Marketing Strategies include Mobile Coupons, QR Codes, SMS Marketing 

More and more restaurants in Vegas are using mobile coupons than ever before and do you know why? Mobile coupons really bring in new customers and help keep them coming back day after day or week after week. With mobile coupons, you’re able to send a coupon to your VIP customers and it goes straight to their phones and they never have to print it.

Can you imagine the convenience of that? First, you’re saving your customer time because they don’t have to search for the coupons and then you’re saving them time because they don’t have to print the coupon. Continue Reading


Do you have a Mobile Marketing Plan for your Nightclub? 

Mobile Marketing Plans for NightclubsIf your club isn’t packed every night in Las Vegas, then maybe you should consider starting a nightclub mobile marketing plan. Mobile marketing can close the gap and bring more patrons into your club every night.

There are many facets to a nightclub mobile marketing plan. One important part of mobile marketing is SMS, or text message, marketing. SMS marketing helps nightclub owners increase the number of patrons visiting the club each night through personal, yet convenient messages that are easy to send and very cost-effective. SMS marketing can help you put into practice a simple campaign to increase new business. Continue Reading


Promote your Nightclub with Mobile Text Marketing

How to Promote your Nightclub with Mobile Text  Message Marketing

Nightclub text message marketing in Las Vegas is your newest and easiest way to success. If your nightclub has been struggling on the busiest nights and you’re concerned about your future, you need to give nightclub text message marketing a chance. You’re able to help grow your business and make the money that your business needs to stay strong and weather through this tough economy.

Mobile marketing for nightclubs is taking a stand against the economy and has come up with the fastest way to reach the public. Join the nightclub owners that have already learned of the benefits of mobile marketing for bars! Continue Reading


Text Message Marketing Statistics

SMS Marketing Strategies

Text message marketing statistics show why text messaging is such a great way to contact and interact with your customers. Text messaging is the way in which many consumers prefer to be reached.

Today, some 83% of consumers in the U.S. own a cellphone. This equates to roughly 270 million mobile subscribers, and that is a lot of mobile consumers! Three-quarters of them send and receive text messages on a daily basis. Young adults aged 18 to 24 text the most of any other age group. During an average month, those in this age group send and receive over 3,000 texts. Continue Reading

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