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Mobile Gaming Las VegasLas Vegas has more to do with mobile marketing than most people think.  The gaming industry has historically taken advantage of new marketing strategies and mobile is one of them.

Many of the top casinos have developed mobile marketing strategies and embraced mobile into their overall marketing plans.

Mobile Gaming – Who will Profit?

Mobile Gaming laws are being enacted that will help Las Vegas move into the worlds mobile gaming market.  Mobile Gaming could change Vegas as we know it and brig in a new gaming revolution!

Mobile Conventions

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Small businesses are taking advantage of mobile marketing strategies at an alarming rate.  When I say “Alarming”, this is a good thing, unless your one of the small business owners that isnt taking advantage of new mobile marketing trends.

Several recent surveys of small business owners shows that mobile is a game changer compared to other new technologies including computers and tablets.  Mobile phones are changing everything for businesses and keeping up with mobile marketing trends is a must in this new mobile age.

  • Do you have a mobile marketing plan?
  • Have you considered SMS Text Marketing?
  • Do you want your own small business app?
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ShoutEm Review Build Mobile App FreeThis ShoutEm review found how to make an app online without having any coding experience.  Making an iPhone app or Android app has traditionally been very costly or required massive coding skills.  ShoutEm created online mobile app builder software that lets regular, non tech savvy people, create an app with zero coding experience.

ShoutEm has mobile app templates that are fun, graphic friendly and provide options to fully customize your mobile app.  There is no cost to try it.  Visit and see how fun it is to design your own mobile app.

The Effectiveness of Mobile Apps

People love apps because they run faster and more smoothly than going to a website from a smart phone or tablet.  Continue Reading


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Mobile marketing is the future of advertising in Las Vegas Nevada and the future is already here – increasingly, consumers prefer a mobile marketing service such as a mobile website as the conduit to locate and transact with your company – are you meeting this need? Continue Reading


restaurant mobileIf you are a restaurant owner and have not tried Mobile Phone Marketing for restaurants; read on. If you have been sending out coupons in the mail and posting your free coupons in local newspapers without the results you were hoping for, you may want to give Restaurant Mobile Coupons a try.

Restaurant Mobile Coupons are the new way to reach your target market in an effective and efficient manner.

Why Mobile Coupons for Restaurants

Today, everyone has a mobile phone and most people always have their phone by their side. With the ever growing popularity of smart phones and communication through text messaging and smart phone apps, mobile phone marketing is an excellent way to distribute coupons and promotional information for your restaurant. Continue Reading


SMS Marketing – Mobile Websites – Mobile Apps – Mobile Advertising

Mobile Marketing Trends Las VegasMobile marketing trends are booming in Las Vegas NV. Mobile marketing is on the rise by 75% in the last year alone. Everyone from restaurants to hospitals are using mobile marketing to keep their public more informed in less amount of time.

Mobile marketing trends are booming because of the convenience that goes alone with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing makes things easier for consumers, for concerned families, and for the owners/managers of the businesses using them. Mobile apps, mobile websites, text message marketing; the list goes on and on. It’s all ways to make life happen faster. Continue Reading